Confidentiality regulations and cookies


The confidentiality policy relates to and explains how we collect, register and use your personal data when you visit this website. NordPay Financial cares about data protection and records all Personal Data in a secure manner, using said data solely in accordance with the law. We use the Personal Data collected to ensure we provide you with pertinent information and improve your experience when you browse our website.

In using the website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and approve this confidentiality policy and that you authorise NordPay Financial to use your Personal Data as indicated below. If you are not sure if this is the case, please do not continue to browse this website.

The policy is reviewed and may be corrected on an annual basis or whenever a regulatory change should so require.

What is personal data?

Personal Data is information about you, which helps to identify you. For example, personal data may include (without being limited to) your name, company information, e-mail address or telephone number.

Data collection

NordPay Financial automatically collects information when you access the website. We use this information to understand how we can improve your customer experience and identify where potential users may find difficulties in using the website, or fail in the process of signing up for the services.

Information is collected in various ways

Personal Data is collected and recorded when you visit our website, fill in request forms on the website or contact us by phone or e-mail. If you provide Personal Data on behalf of a third party, for example, another director of your company, you certify that you have their authorisation to share their Personal Data with us and that you have informed them of this policy.

NordPay Financial may also take measures to verify the Personal Data you provide. This may involve contacting third parties such as credit reference agencies, information providers, web analytics suppliers and other commercial service providers and the downloading of the Personal Data they hold.

Use of the data

Your personal data may be used in several ways, as indicated below. However, we will always ask for your prior explicit or implicit consent before doing so.

  1. To provide you with information in relation to the services we offer, or
  2. To help us to improve the user experience or the website, understand customers’ requests and determine whether or not we can offer you the required service, or
  3. To provide you with all the services you have requested.

We may make your personal data available to third parties, but only in the exceptional cases cited below.

  1. To contribute to the application of the law and legal disclosure as part of inquiries in relation to fraud or money laundering in the event of doubt regarding suspicious activity, or
  2. In the case of legal obligation, in response to a court order, mandate or any other competent legal instrument.

Use of cookies

NordPay Financial uses cookies to target the activity that takes place on its website and improve the user experience. Cookies are data files installed on the user’s computer and enable NordPay Financial to know which pages you look at and what type of terminal you are using and know your preferences such as your preferred language, for example.

You can see a list of the cookies used by NordPay Financial at the bottom of this page.

You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. You will find useful information on this subject on the about cookies page.

Change to this policy

NordPay may change this policy at any time. Whenever the policy is changed, an updated version will be published on the website.

Cookies used

A list of the cookies used by NordPay together with the purpose and category of each one can be found below.

To collect information on the way the site is used, know which pages are visited and how much time is spent on each and what types of error message are generated. All the data collected is grouped together and is therefore anonymous.


Cookie Name Purpose Persistent or session
accounts Lists User accounts Persistent
session Provides a unique session identifier for dashboard Users Persistent
country Sets a country code as determined by IP address Persistent
lang Sets a language code Persistent
last-used-checkout-name Customizes content for Checkout Users Session
cid Sets a value to track User metrics Persistent

Third Party Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose Opt Out Link
Google Used for analytics and service improvement
MixPanel Used for analytics and service improvement